Dušan Lukšić is a founder and a partner in the Law Firm “Lukšić & Živković – Milić“.

He was born in 1968 in Kotor. After having completed his studies at the Faculties of Law in Sarajevo and Podgorica, Dušan was initially gaining his practical experience during 1995 while working as a trainee at the Basic Court of Kotor, while at the beginning of 1996 he started to work as a trainee lawyer at the Law Firm of Dragolju R. Đukanović in Podgorica. After he had passed the judicial exam in 1998, he was registered on the List of Attorneys of the Bar Association of Montenegro and continued to work at the same Law Firm as an attorney so as to later become and work as an attorney-partner. In 2013, together with Marija Živković-Milić, he established a Law Firm “Lukšić & Živković-Milić“

Even though throughout many years of work he had gained a significant experience in all fields of law, Dušan has become known for representations in many criminal cases before Montenegrin courts of all jurisdictions, including a great number of defenses in special cases from the field of economy and organized crime, as well as in criminal cases on trial for most serious criminal offenses.

As far as other fields of law are concerned, he was and still is representing a great number of commercial entities from Montenegro and the region.

Apart from the aforementioned, Dušan acted as a principal to a number of young trainees many of which today have successful careers in law practice.

He speaks English language.